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A couple of Singapore Slings…

It was strange, after the night race at Singapore, to face the Monday morning sunshine for a quick re-visit to the circuit;  and it was wondrous, later that day, to drop in at Raffles:

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8 thoughts on “A couple of Singapore Slings…

  1. Very nice tour Peter! Thank you and I hope you do more like this at other venues!

  2. Thanks. Some venues – but not all! – lend themselves to this sort of thing.

  3. Avinash on said:

    Brilliant video peter…….I am hoping you have made some really good videos on your visit to the Goodwood revival……eagerly waiting for that. Also its a nice surprise to know Mr Vettel is a cricket fan…..

    On another note, seeing the Singapore sling (turn 10) in your video, I wonder why its a triple chicane? Why cant they make it a fast left hander, similar to Tabac in Monaco so it can be taken flat, stay left and brake hard for the right-left chicane before the Bridge…… not exactly sure if its been thought about and dropped because of safety but just a thought.

  4. A good thought (re the Singapore Sling chicane). I guess they just don’t like the idea of that wall on the outside. As you say, though, Tabac is Tabac….

  5. Dave Schneider on said:

    Really enjoyed the tour Peter! As nice as Singapore is in daylight, it becomes magic at night.

  6. Tim Gibson on said:

    Your behind the scenes tours are great. You could have done 3 more segments on Monza it was so good. However, regarding Singapore, except for Monaco, street circuits are so incredibly boring. Yes, munipulating tires and munipulated wing opening rules add some artificial unknown in the results, but only in a NASCAR sort of way. One key to passing is multi-line corners. I guess that’s too complicated for the track designers. Chicanes are an aberration. Also, any notion of F1 being “green” is completely contradicted by the cost of lighting that track. I try to watch SpeedTV F-1 but usually end up watching coverage of a 70’s race (or earlier) mainly for the purity of it and the sound of flat 12’s, Matras, etc., and what real race tracks looked like.
    Wasn’t there a real track in Singapore at some time?
    By the way, where did Percival surrender to Yamashita ? That happened in Singapore didn’t it?
    Keep up the good work,
    Tim Gibson
    Newport Beach, CA

  7. Thanks Tim. The surrender took place at the Ford factory. It’s still there and can be easily visited – complete with the actual desk they used for the signing. And, yes: the Singapore GP was held on the Thomson street circuit north of the city from 1961 to 1973.

  8. A different view on the Singapore GP, for sure. Makes it more human I think, TV never does F1 cars or tracks justice. It’s the same with Valencia – boring for TV viewers but quite a bit of fun for spectators. Plenty of history there in Singapore, the last race was OK actually, strategy-wise it was interesting to follow, sort of like IndyCar.

    Good stuff, as always.

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