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Goodwood Revival, 2012: celebrating Daniel Sexton Gurney


Look closely, and you can still see Bruce’s name under the tape.  This M14A was but one of many wonderful cars in the Gurney parade 

Left: Tony Brooks prepares for action in the Rolex Drivers’ Club

...which meant a couple of laps with Dan in the Ferrari 250 TR59/60 they shared in the 1959 TT at GoodwoodSir Jackie Stewart contemplates his run in the Porsche 804 with which Dan won the 1962 French Grand Prix at Rouen

Some nice Jags greeted us in the car park in the early morning

Left: Plenty to see in Goodwood’s Earls Court-lookalike Motor Show

Below: Dan’s 1967 Le Mans-winning Ford MkIV (shared with AJ Foyt) still sets all sorts of standards

The Dragon Rapide caught plenty of fans

The timelessly gorgeous lines of the Alan Mann Ford F3L

Plenty of Minis – and the genuine articles, tooGood to see Gentleman Jack Sears being mobbed by the fansSo much for the Young Turks:  this was the scene outside the Rolex ClubTE Lawrence’s Brough Superior looked very much at home in the Goodwood sand  – while Dan and Evi Gurney and the Eagles (below) just couldn’t stop smiling


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6 thoughts on “Goodwood Revival, 2012: celebrating Daniel Sexton Gurney

  1. Wonderful absolutely wobnderful

  2. Orange McLaren is definitely cool, just as other cars, really. What’s missing is US presidential chair for Daniel Sexton, think he would’ve done an interesting job there. Looks like wonderful festival.

  3. Jeremy Lord on said:

    When I was very young Stirling Moss was my hero and I travelled to see him race whenever I could and over time others came into the select group of drivers whom I admired. Dan was one of the first and so was Tony Brooks. I have black and white photos of both of them in their prime which they later autographed for me. I was there at Goodwood in 1959 and to see them reunited in that Ferrari was magical beyond words. I had to swallow hard.

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  6. chas c on said:

    I wish I could have been there. Great photos.

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