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Jim Clark’s music

Jim Clark was a guest on Roy Plumley’s “Desert Island Discs” BBC radio programme on May 4, 1964.  For reasons only known to the BBC it is not possible today to replay the interview but here is the list of eight that Jim chose to play.  The item he selected for company on his desert island?  A radio.  The book he would take with him?  Jim Clark at the Wheel (of course!).  It had, after all, just hit the book stores….

1.  By Cool Siloam’s Shady Rill (Glasgow Orpheus Choir)

2.  Whistlin’ Rufus (Chris Barber Jazz Band)

3.  The Double Foursome (Jimmy Shand and his band)

4.  Little Children (Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas)

5.  Speech at the Oxford Union (Gerard Hoffnung)

6.  Sheep May Safely Graze (JS Bach;  arranged by Sir William Walton for the Wise Virgins ballet)

7.  The Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre (Andy Stewart)

8.  The Party’s Over (Peggy Lee)

I can imagine Jim doubling up with laughter whilst listening to Gerard Hoffnung (  And I’m sure that Sheep May Safely Graze gave him reassurance that all was well at Edington Mains.  Equally, there is a certain poignancy about his choice of Peggy Lee’s The Party’s Over (  It gives a very ’60s taste of the morning after the day before – and perhaps of a future that all racing drivers of the era inevitably had to address.  Note also that he chose Chris Barber’s Jazz Band.  Chris still performs today (most recently at the Silverstone Classic meet) and played live at Brands Hatch (at the British and European Grand Prix) a few weeks after Jim recorded the BBC interview with Plumley.  Jim won that race, of course.

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8 thoughts on “Jim Clark’s music

  1. Interesting; I see no Beatles’ or Stones’ songs on the list. By that time I think the Stones have already recorded “I wanna be your man” with Bill Wyman’s massive bass lines and a screaming guitar solo by Brian Jones, sounding probably very similar to F1 engines of the era.

    Think modern F1 drivers have terrible taste in music (especially Lewis). Kovalainen comes close to being stylish with his choice of bands, but most of the time it’s disappointing hip-hop or whatever 11-year old kids like to listen to these days: the new pop songs by Johnny Burnaway, Stash Kroh, The Mixers, etc..

  2. Great tracks Peter,. I’m dying to hear Rob Wilson’s band !, wonder if he has a C.D. =)

  3. Funny you should ask that: Rob’s currently playing in the USA and I understand that he will be releasing a CD shortly. Details on an upcoming episode of The Flying Lap…

  4. Peter Coffman on said:

    While we’re on the topic, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful piece on Jim Clark in the recent edition of Motor Sport. it would have been so easy to list his accomplishments, add a few admiring quotes from his peers, and let the story write itself. But you gave us a story that was both intensely universal and instantly recognizable – who among life-long racing fans hasn’t had heroes? And in so doing, you showed us not merely what made him successful, but what made him inspiring. Bravo!

  5. Peter Coffman on said:

    Oops, I meant to say “…both intensely personal and yet universal…” Never write a comment while being distracted by a kitten…

  6. That’s awesome Peter, I must have it!,.. thanks for the reply.

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