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Prova Mo: a walk in the (E.Ferrari) park

Join Nigel Roebuck and I as we visit the site of the old Modena race and test track.  Today, fittingly, it’s named “Parco E. Ferrari”…

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8 thoughts on “Prova Mo: a walk in the (E.Ferrari) park

  1. David Fraser on said:

    This article brings back fond memories. During the ’90s we had a project running aimed at improving production line efficiency in our European plants. Strangely, a disproportionate number of our progress and review meetings were held in Parma. Exploration of the restaurants of Modena and Maranello was normally covered by agenda item “Any other business”

  2. Good to know that plenty of “business” took place…. 🙂

  3. Michael Rooke on said:

    Fascinating history lesson from way before my time. Looks like a beautiful place and good to see the memories live on for those that perished chasing the dream. You could say they were naive, when you look at F1 or other formulas today but it’s all that they knew then. Thanks to Sir Jackie Stewart, Michael Schumacher and all the others for the safety improvements for drivers and fans since that era.

  4. Amazing how just 1 trip to Italy can result in so many videos! The tower looks cool; the rush hour story is crazy, at first I didn’t even get what NR was talking about, hard to imagine something like this today. Would’ve been great to have the track there but you can’t always get what you want, unfortunately.

  5. Luca on said:

    I’m so impressed from your stunning knowledge of motorsport history. Keep up the good job!

  6. Many thanks – but all the credit should go to my friend, Nigel Roebuck.

  7. just discovered this coming from a Facebook link. Thanks Peter.

  8. You’re very welcome.

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