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Chatting with Felipe

At a very pleasant function staged by Shell in London yesterday I had a quick word with Ferrari’s Felipe Massa…

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5 thoughts on “Chatting with Felipe

  1. Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS on said:

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    Chatting with Felipe by Peter Windsor

  2. For sure, you know, I caught the “for sure” bug! I mean, you know. Sorry, couldn’t help it!

    A great guy, Felipe. It’s a bit difficult to judge from the outside what went wrong for him in 2010-12, be it Alonso’s influence within Ferrari or just this new generation of cars. He seemed to be more at ease with 2006-2008 wings-winglets-horns-grooved tyres F1 cars; I still think Raikkonen was better than Massa in 2008 – Kimi was unlucky in France for instance, plus in Spa HAM was stripped of his victory without a good reason. For sure, Perez is like a fly in Felipe’s wine, you know, F1 press people seem to have caught the Perez bug, sort of similar to my “for sure” bug. Maybe MAS needs a new challenge, dunno which team would suit him better now, the competition is so tough, even bigger when he started a decade ago. Anyway, the Germany 2010 was unfair, especially in the light of a slightly comical outcome in Abu Dhabi, loved ALO’s fist to Petrov, laughed and laughed and laughed…

    Also, a stylish tie for our host. Love the colour.

  3. Jimmy on said:

    I don’t agree and neither do the stats. Massa out qualified Raikkonen 12-6 in 2008 and 9-8 in 2007. Massa may have been lucky in France but how unlucky was he in Hungary and Singapore, 2 races he should have won and that really cost him the championship. In France KR was unlucky, but he still picked up 8 points. All in all I think Massa proved to be better than Raikkonen, as 2009 showed before his accident (Massa had 24 points to Kimi’s 12 at the time of his crash).

  4. As mighty Seaweed says (hi there!), stats don’t always show the whole story. Spanish 2008 siesta in Barcelona was a good example of Kimi’s superiority to Massa. Even after 2 years away from the sport and with a team that’s operating on a smaller budget, Kimi is able to blow Felipe away. Having said that, Romain’s doing great, apart from minor 1st lap incidents, interesting dynamics there at Enstone (can’t really call it “Lotus”). It looks as though Massa started his career in F1 as a wild one and has morphed into a quiet one. Give Perez a (Ferrari car – not engine) chance.

  5. hi me aditya from delhi in india

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