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Modena in the spring

One only has to look briefly at today’s world news to recognize that most of us are extremely fortunate to be living the way we do, and that each calamity, both man-made or otherwise, brings with it its own story.  I make no claim here about the level of importance  of the current spate of earthquakes in northern Italy.  Having recently spent a few glorious days there in the spring, however, I can but feel a small part of the reality of the tragedy of the region.  Modena today is like a ghost-town;  hospital staff are being obliged to work in half-strength facilities. Buildings have been demolished;  people are living on a knife-edge, wondering when the next shock will arrive.

I hope our “Modena in the Spring” trilogy (below) – recorded with my friend and colleague, Nigel Roebuck, before the quakes – provides at least some of the flavour of this wonderful part of the world. For those interested, Jonathan Giacobazzi has researched the best possible way of helping those caught up in the misery:  the link to the Italian Red Cross, and other details, are published below.  Thanks for your support.

With special thanks to Jonathan Giacobazzi, Nigel Roebuck and Diego Merino

Pictures:  Nigel Roebuck and Peter Windsor Collections; SuttonImages

Italian Red Cross:

Bank details:
TO: “Croce Rossa Italiana, Via Toscana 12 – 00187 Roma”
BANK:  Banca Nazionale del Lavoro – Filiale di Roma Bissolati
TO SPECIFY : “Sisma Emilia Romagna”

Ferrari have also created an on-line auction in aid of the earthquake victims: the team’s full statement is as follows:

“Maranello, May 31: Ferrari will open an international on-line auction to raise funds for the families of the victims of the earthquakes that have rocked the Emilia- Romagna region since May 20.

In the days leading up to the auction next week, will dedicate a section to this important initiative which sets out to contribute significant sums to those families who have lost loved ones.

The auction will include important and rare items, such as a 599XX Evo, the extreme, non-homologated sports berlinetta with a commercial value of €1.3 million. This extreme sports car incorporates the very best of Ferrari technology, the result of on- going Research and Development activities in the GT division and advanced experimentation in F1. The 599 XX Evo features a package of performance-enhancing technical features for the exclusive, dedicated track-based research and development programme for the 2012-2013 seasons.

There will also be a strong Formula 1 theme, starting with a V8 engine along with racing suits and helmets donated by the Scuderia’s drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, as well as numerous items of memorabilia from the works racing cars from past seasons.

Also featuring in the auction will be a selection from the Ferrari Store, including Prancing Horse watches.

As soon as news about the earthquakes came out, Ferrari clients and collectors from around the world spontaneously contacted the Maranello headquarters to offer their contribution. Once again the generosity of Ferrari’s enthusiasts will enable the company to provide support to those most hit by the tragedy. A demonstration of solidarity that, in recent years, has contributed to the reconstruction in Abruzzo after the earthquake, as well as the building of two after-school facilities in Ishinomaki in Japan after last year’s disaster for which Ferrari contributed over 80 million Japanese yen.”


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6 thoughts on “Modena in the spring

  1. Brilliant stuff — thanks

  2. David Nicol on said:

    Lovely to see (and hear) the passion, reminiscences, and knowledge you and Nigel are sharing here in these three videos. Great stuff. Thank you.

  3. Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS on said:

    Reblogged this on F1Enigma's Insider Notebook.

  4. Sandeep Banerjee on said:

    I can only second Mr. Nicol’s comments. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it was almost like being there as a third petrolhead, not including the cameraman of course!

  5. Many thanks!

  6. Thiss is awesome

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