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Remembering Gilles – Part 1: The road to Castel d’Ario

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8 thoughts on “Remembering Gilles – Part 1: The road to Castel d’Ario

  1. Diane Cullimore on said:

    Amazing just amazing!!!!!!!!!

  2. Peter on said:

    Really great as Diane said amazing, if only Mauro Forghieri could be tempted to write about Gilles career with the Scuderia Ferrari

  3. Diane Cullimore on said:

    oh id love that Peter!!I have just been thinking i owe a lot to you for writing about Gilles all those years ago.A lot of what you wrote made me more and more a fan of Gilles.Will hold all this in my heart forever thank you xxx

  4. Dave Schneider on said:

    I remember Mauro as a young engineer, bespectacled, with his trademark black, hornrimed glasses. It was 1963, after hours at Rheims, in the dimly lit Shell garage. The smell of warm castor oil permeated the air in anticipation of engine start.

  5. Björn Andersson on said:

    What an amazing collection of people around that table and how I wish I could have been there. For me, the mechanics in motorsport is the unsung heroes that rarly let us mere mortals in on their stories. There are a few exeptions like “Tales from the toolbox” and Steve Mathcett’s books on his experiences but apart from that the examples are few and far between. Having read books on teams, drivers, year reviews, constructors and so on, the are glimpses of the mechanics tales but only glimpses. This side of motorsport, the daily

  6. Angelo on said:

    Peter, Peter, Peter,

    I don’t know if I love you or if I love you! I guess both for the presents you gave us these days. I think I would have passed out if I had the chance to be with all these people around Mamma Rossella’s table. 30yrs of emotions, thoughts, sentiment, tears. Thank you so much for all Peter. He lives.

  7. Angelo on said:

    I didn’t see Antonio Tomaini and Marco Piccinini. Were they there?
    Waiting for the 3rd part…Apologies for my poor English!

  8. John cosgrove on said:

    Peter, I can’t begin to tell you how your own enthusiasm to keep the story and memory of Gilles alive, cheers my heart. As a cdn kid growing up watching, reading and then finally witnessing, under dark and stormy clouds, his first GP win, in Montreal, is a feeling and emotion I have yet to have surpassed! For me, Webster’s dictionary should have used Gilles’s name to explain PASSION!
    I,ve been to almost every Montreal GP since, most of the time now in the very comfortable Paddock Club suites, but nothing , nothing compares to sitting on the grassy slopes of the rowing basin at the last hairpin in ’78. Glad you and others remember.

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