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Jack Hawksworth – a Star is Born

For most young British racing drivers the choice is simple – especially if you’ve excelled in karts and won races in your first F Renault season:  you think GP3, GP2, F1.  Jack Hawksworth is no less ambitious – but he is also creative and wise enough to know that racing anything, anywhere, is a privilege afforded only to the very few.  Accordingly, he made plans in the autumn of last year to join the “Road to Indy” in 2012.  He joined Team Pelfrey in the ultra-competitive Star Mazda series – and has been instantly successful.  I spoke to him during his first, brief return to the UK

In Jack’s track bag:

  • A bag of Arai GP5 Tearoffs
  • My Torgoen Swiss watch (T29104)
  • 2 Pairs of Red Oakley Race Boots
  • 1 Pair of Black Oakley Race Gloves
  • 1 Pair of White Sparco Race Gloves
  • A light smoked visor
  • A Dark Blue tinted visor
  • A Clear visor
  • 3 Nomex Tops
  • 2 Balaclavas
  • 1 Arai GP5 painted with the design that I have carryed for most of my career with my Blue and Red colours and JH logo on both sides.
  • Helmet Cleaner
  • Helmet Wax
  • Visor Cleaner
  • 2 Pairs of ear plugs
  • FIA/MSA Licence
  • Indycar Hardcard
  • Spare set of Arai visor screws

I’m pretty obsessed about my race bag. I like everything to be in the right place and I actually quite enjoy preparing it all before I leave for a race meeting! I think it annoys all the guys in the team, though, as my bag is so big it pretty much takes over the majority of the truck. Sorry guys!


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