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Jim Clark vs The Rest

Sean Kelly – @virtualstatman – produced an amazing suite of graphics for Ep 62 of The Flying Lap yesterday. (To see a re-run of the show, click the TFL icon in the column on the right here or go to  One of my favourites was this – his vision of what would have happened if Ayrton Senna and Jim Clark had not been cut down in their primes but instead had continued to win at the rate that had characterised their careers from the outset.  Ayrton’s blue, Michael Schumacher is red (and currently at 2012, of course); and Jim Clark is lime green.  Oh, and by the way:  that’s Jim in the header picture above (at Monaco, 1966, in the Lotus 33B-Climax).

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4 thoughts on “Jim Clark vs The Rest

  1. Ep 62 was a great episode Peter. This graph is really haunting and an amazing eye opener. WoW,.

  2. I am really amused about the graphs Peter! As you all know, what MS did was really special. We never know if Senna or Clark can continue that long that competitive. Graph is based on fictional success of Senna and Clark. In order them to get that numbers they need to have competitive car, sutiable regulations & reasonable competition. Don’t forget while Senna and MS could be driving together with MS on a better car at the his prime time.

    So as much as I like Senna more than MS, I still think MS surpasses him on statistics…


  3. Colin Blackhall on said:

    Just imagine Jim Clark driving a Lotus 72 – opposition decimated!

    Could Clark have made the Lotus 63 competitive?

  4. Yes – Jim would have been brilliant in the 72; no doubt about that. I’m sure that even he would have discarded the 63. The interesting one is the never-raced Lotus 58 F2 car. Jim specifically asked to have a second brake pedal fitted so that he could introduce left-foot braking into his repertoire…

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