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Tiago Monteiro on the WTCC, Ocean’s GP2 and GP3 teams…and female racers

In the build-up to the GP2 season opener in Malaysia this weekend, I caught up with Tiego Monteiro, the former Portuguese F1 driver who now enjoys a vibrant career as a WTCC driver for SEAT and as Team Owner of the Ocean GP2 and GP3 teams. Spain’s Carmen Jorda has also recently signed to drive GP3 with Ocean so we talk, too, about the future of women in motor sport.

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One thought on “Tiago Monteiro on the WTCC, Ocean’s GP2 and GP3 teams…and female racers

  1. Great to hear from Tiago! I think he did the right thing by switching to the WTCC, in fact the championship is going to get stronger in the next few years. I hope they keep costs down and don’t go F1 route with little wars and so on. WTCC calendar needs to get slightly better, though.

    Probably TDI vs. petrol engines wasn’t so great (WTCC), it’s impossible to keep things equal (as Le Mans shows with recent Audi/Peugeot domination), but right now the current recipe with new generation of engines works fine. Racing’s good; new young drivers see WTCC as a career path. Some oldies but goodies in the mix too. I mean it’s better to win a WTCC title than be a test driver in F1 simulators.

    Don’t know how Tiago finds the time to do everything he does in a year, that alone is a fine achievement! Best of luck.

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