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John Watson – part 3

In the final segment of our interview with John Watson, originally recorded for, John looks back at the changes that have taken place since his F1 debut in 1973 and talks about the drivers for which he has the most respect. Can Michael Schumacher win again? John has definite views. For a complementary photo album to his video, together with detailed captions, log on to:

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3 thoughts on “John Watson – part 3

  1. Fantastic interview series, Peter. What a candid, real look into a driver’s perspective then and now. John’s commentary would be so great next to the likes of today’s race broadcasters, and perhaps in a special segment-type format (rather than live). It is really refreshing to hear his thoughts on issues that are neither covered nor sensationalized by today’s broadcasting standards. He gives issues such a visceral context when he ties in some of his war stories. It would be great to hear more from him through you or by other means in the future. Well done.

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  3. Many thanks, Mike. I’ve always felt that about John and I’m looking forward to chatting to him live on The Flying Lap very soon. I also enjoy talking to Martin Whitmarsh: most of his views are spot-on, I think – and therefore at variance with much of the conventional F1 “wisdom”.

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