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Update from Nassau

David McGlaughlin, who has been working flat out all year on the 2011 Bahamas Speed Week Revival, reports from Nassau that he’s started a small group called “Nassau Racing Legends”.  They have recently been meeting every Thursday at “The Fish Fry”, near the circuit there – and also close to an associate bar called “Dwight’s Place”.  Lest we get too carried away with the romanticism of it all, David confesses that whole set-up is more akin to the Kentagon at Brands Hatch than Rosie’s bar at Monaco!

Anyway, the upshot of the meetings so far has been an excellent assortment of photos  – two of which I reproduce here.  I love the shot at the bottom of a bashful Pedro Rodriguez in 1960, when he shared a Ferrari 250 TR59 with his brother, Ricardo –  and also that of the cowboy hat-wearing Swede, Ulf Norinder.  Ricardo won the 25-lap Governor’s Trophy race that year and the two of them finished second in the longer (54-lap) Nassau Trophy Race, beaten only by the brilliant Dan Gurney and his Lotus 19;  meanwhile, Ulf was seventh in the 25-lap Nassau Tourist Trophy and ninth the big race race with his Porsche 718 RSK.  I actually saw Ulf race during the Tasman series in 1970, in which he competed with an F5000 Lola T190.  He was very large, very wealthy and very flaboyant:  he used to pour a bottle of Brut after-shave over his head every morning in order to be awake just for practice or the race.  Mind you, he probably drank some of it, too, because  he pulled out of the New Zealand Grand Prix – I think it was – after suffering double-vision from some sort of vibration in the suspension.  It was only several hours later, with the symptoms persisting, that he confessed that it had nothing more than a common hangover.   Mike Hailwood once told me that he visited Ulf’s mansion in Sweden and was astonished to reach the main house some 30 minutes after they’d passed through the main gates into the drive-way:  Ulf’s forest was that large.

Ulf, very sadly, committed suicide in late 1978 after learning that he was suffering from cancer.  

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