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Ah. The 50s….

What was it? What was it that made the 1950s the most romantic of motor racing ages? Maybe it was the stories that today are replaced by the harsh actuality of video or Breaking News. The story, for example, of Alfonso de Portago, screaming to a halt just after the start of the last stage of the 1957 Mille Miglia: he jammed his Ferrari into reverse, pulled up alongside a flower seller, grabbed a rose and threw it over to his girl-friend, Linda Christian, who was standing thick in the crowd. Then again he lit up the rear Engleberts.

And then, not long afterwards, he was dead…

Watch, then, this trailer. It previews a movie about a time we should never forget. It’s about Ferrari drivers.  It’s about the terrible mortality rate in motor racing in the 50s. It’s about heroes, pure and simple.



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