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Best Pics – Charles Coates, F1 photographer

Highly-acclaimed F1 photographer, Charles Coates, selects his personal favourite images in this exclusive series. Charles (otherwise known as “Tootall”) has been working professionally in F1 since 1989, mainly for LAT (London Art Tech) but also as a freelance. A familiar, unmissable figure at F1 races, Toots has forged close friendships with many of the great Grand Prix drivers and team personnel over the past 30 years. He shares some of those bonds in these videos – as well as giving us an insight into life on the F1 road.

LAT is one of the largest of F1’s photographic agencies. Founded and still run by the Tee family (“Old Man” Tee; Michael Tee; Steven Tee), the massive LAT archive includes images from the 1950s through to 2021. The Tee family also founded Motoring News and Motor Sport magazine.

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