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Just another Monza Monday…

Apologies, once again, for not being able to air The Flying Lap today:  unavoidable work in our Canadian production facility means that we have had to miss only our third show in 19 months.  We’ll be back again next week as we look forward to the Singapore GP.  In the meantime, I thought you might like to join me as I return to Monza on the day after the race before…

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6 thoughts on “Just another Monza Monday…

  1. Ah, a big shame really. Now I am looking forward even more to the next one Peter! thanks for the nice shots from Monza though.

  2. Well, behind every great circuit there’s a great location. Sadly, now they build these monsters in the middle of nowhere, no wonder fans are complaining about the lack of character! Great videos as always.

  3. Sandeep Banerjee on said:

    Wonderful as always, thanks. I must get around to watching Grand Prix again one of these days..

  4. Absolument! on said:

    Fascinating, that was a good idea to make this Monday trip !

  5. Brilliant concept Peter – please do ‘Morning After’ episodes for each GP – great historical perspectives thrown in. Very enjoyable – also gives a real view of these worldwide venues and the towns/streets around them as you drive through. It’s that sort of bittersweet day after Christmas kind of atmosphere. Only 364 days til it happens again. Cheers

  6. Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS on said:

    Reblogged this on F1Enigma's Insider Notebook and commented:
    Just another Monza Monday… Love this stuff by @peterdwindsor

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